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Free Range, Heritage Produce

Hello! I’m Guy a fifth generation Tasmanian farmer who is not only proud to be Tasmanian but fortunate enough to own and share my beautiful farm with hundreds of happy free range pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and a host of international and local visitors.

In 2009 with close friend Eliza Wood, we purchased 37 hectares of beautiful red dirt behind the seaside village of Penguin in north-west Tasmania, with the dream to create a free range pig farm that showcased both happy free range pigs and how delicious free range pork actually is.

It was just going to be a hobby farm, but somehow over a couple of years it became a pretty serious free range pig farm, then the cows and sheep arrived, and now there’s a restaurant and butchery sitting in our front paddock overlooking 1,000 cider trees.

We’re on the menu of some of Australia’s and Tassie’s best restaurants. We visit farmers markets across Tasmania selling our fresh pork, beef, lamb and hand-crafted small-goods. If you go to a food, art, or music festival you’ll see us there serving flavoursome, meaty dishes.

Guy now runs the farm, with the help of a fabulous team of locals and internationals. Eliza has pursued other dreams in remote Western Australia.

We hope you really enjoy your Mount Gnomon Farm experience – whether it’s eating our food at a festival, or spending time at the farm.

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