Free Range Pork and Ham


November marks a pretty significant milestone for the farm.

We have worked out that it was about 10 years ago that we sent our first pig of to an abattoir and our first free range pork meat off to some chefs for some feedback.

It was the first steps in a dream to see if free range pig farming could be done in Tasmania and to also provide to the Tasmanian community access to an ethical free range pork alternative.

The dream was to provide the same pork that I experienced growing up as a child in our self sufficient farm at Yolla. I guess you could say that dream became a reality and we’ve somehow managed to provide free range pork on a weekly basis for ten years, without missing a week! For this to happen its taken a lot of hard work, persistence and resilience. We have been fortunate to have the fantastic on-going support of some equally persistent staff, particularly our butcher Neville. We’ve also had the amazing support of the community and customers. So many people have shared the journey with us and it wouldn’t have been possible without you! So thank you

Artisan Butchery

This year’s Christmas marks a milestone for our butcher Neville Parker as he celebrates his 65th year as a butcher. Neville would have to be one of the most experienced butchers in the world. He started working as a butcher at Redpa on the far north-west coast before there was refrigeration. He is super fit and his mind is as sharp as his butchery knives. He also has all 10 fingers. One of his favourite tasks is to cut our rolled Christmas roasts into the different size ranges. He cuts and divides them before placing them on the scales to around the exact weight with a knowing smile.

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