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Due to popular demand we are bringing back our home delivery service. For our first week we will be doing free range meat boxes, artisan small-good packs and sausage packs along with Madjid’s homemade lasagne. As our garden comes on and if the delivery service is supported we will bring back vegetable boxes and other products popular during the lockdown

Regards Guy and team


  • A crackling lovers dream , our rolled pork roasts are sweet and juicy in the middle with crispy mouth watering crackling on the outside. You will definitely notice the difference in flavour of roasts from our free range rare breed pigs. They come in a range of sizes to suit the size of your family. Stock limited, deposit required to secure your order, you will pay the final amount on pick up when we know the final weight.
  • A diverse range of meat from the farm including artisan small goods and free range pork. These boxes include prime cuts and slow cooking cuts, roasts, pork mince and at least 1kg of artisan sausages.
  • This voucher can be used for lunch for two in the restaurant or for our produce either at the farm or farmers market. We can email you the voucher.
  • A diverse range of cuts from our free range pigs and a full range of our delicious small goods. These boxes include prime cuts and slow cooking cuts, roasts,  pork mince along with all of the items in the small-goods pack. Let us know if you have special requests or preferences.
  • Sale!
    This is the first time we've offered bulk pork prices and is a great way to fill up your freezer with delicious ethical meat in an economic manner. We turn a 25kg side of our  free range heritage pork into a range of shoulder roasts (3), pork chops (16),  belly roasts (2), spare ribs and  leg roasts (2). It works out at $14 kg. We also give you the flexibility of instead of doing the two leg roasts you can opt for the equivalent value in bacon, chorizo and sausages. Just let us know what you prefer and if you have any special requests. Everything will be vacuum packed and labelled.
  • A range of our delicious original recipe sausages. Our Italian style sausages have a cult following at markets around Tasmania and we're regularly told that they're the best sausages people have tried. All of our sausages are gluten free and are original recipes without fillers and preservatives. Flavours could include pork n fennel, traditional pork, toulouse, pork paprika and fennel.
  • Sale!
    This pack includes 1 kg of each of our two most popular products, which we have discounted due to the reduced trade at the taste. They can be both added to so many different dishes, from breakfast to pizza, risotto and pastas. Many long term customers put chorizo in the freezer to be taken out and added to dishes when required. It maintains it's quality and outstanding flavour.
  • A box of our delicious free range rare breed pork sausages, chorizo and bacon. All of our sausages are gluten free and are original recipes without fillers. Fresh pork sausages are preservative free.
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