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We’re still doing home delivery! So popular during the lockdown we’re continuing with boxes of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. We’re going to deliver fresh produce of the highest quality outside your front door, or if you’re on the north west coast you can order and pick up from the farm.

Where possible all of the meat will come from our farm, including free range pork, lamb and beef.  All of the small goods will be made by us are gluten free, use our own meat and original recipes.

Fresh vegetables and fruit are from our garden and orchard or local north west farmers. Vegetable boxes will change with what is in season, there will be good variety including staples such as potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic.

Weekly deliveries in north west Tasmania and Launceston region every Saturday and Hobart twice a month on Sundays. Our prices are based on butchery and grocery stalls. Farm pick ups are from Friday message us on 0448067779 to arrange a suitable time.

So far we have delivered from Sisters beach in the north west to George town in the far north and to Primrose Sands and Port Huon and Cygnet in the south. We’re prepared to deliver around the state. If you’re in a remote location it would be great if you could let other locals know of the service we’re offering so it makes our freight into more remote parts of Tasmania both cost effective and possible.

Note that you will be asked a local pick up option as you go to check out, this is your home address, just select which region you’re located.

We take pride in using just local seasonal produce, each week boxes will vary depending on what we can source. Additionally we will put a range of beef, pork and lamb in your meat boxes, it’s a great opportunity to experiment and cook with new cuts of meat. We want you to love what is found in your box.

Thank you for your support.

Regards Guy and team

  • This chocolate is genetically certified to be “Original Cacao”.  The pure Nacional Cacao was thought to be extinct in 1916.  Later on Criollo and Foresterra varieties were and are being sold as Nacional; they are not!!!  The Cacao beans were discovered 10 years ago by Brian Horsley and Dan Pearson in the Maranon Valley in Peru.  They have been genetically certified as the original cacao by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The beans are grown at 3250ft and produce purple and, unique to this variety, white beans. Brian Horsley has set up farm and still works with the farmers to produce these exquisite unique cacao beans. The beans are shipped off to Switzerland and made into couverture chocolate using traditional roller conching methods. Fortunato No4 is the most sought after chocolate in the world and Anvers Confectionery is proud to have the exclusive rights to be able to introduce it into the Australian market.
  • Anvers truffle selections

    $16.00$25.00 Each
    This creamy, lightly whipped truffle is the showcase of the Latrobe business. The six flavour selection of Tasmanian chocolate truffles will please the most discerning customer. Anvers Chocolates was established as a cottage industry in November 1989, by Igor Van Gerwen, who came to Australia from Belgium. He use fresh Tasmanian cream, pure butter, exquisite liquors and natural flavours, but also the world's finest chocolate. The six flavour selection truffles will please the most discerning customer.
  • A box of our delicious free range rare breed pork sausages, chorizo and bacon. All of our sausages are gluten free and are original recipes without fillers. Fresh pork sausages are preservative free.
  • Included in your box a bottle of some of the finest wine from the Cradle Coast region. Combine with some red cow feta, MGF chorizo and some sourdough.
  • Buttons Brewing is an independent, family owned brewery creating craft beer in small batches – to ensure the love doesn’t get diluted. Buttons Brewing is located in Ulverstone. Their microbrewery produces a beloved core range as well as many experimental brews. We're offering their most popular beer the draft as a four pack.
  • This meat pack includes a pack of our artisan sausages, some of our bacon, smoked chorizo, a roast and something for the barbecue. Feel free to add to the offering with some Buttons Brewing beer, Lost Pippin cider or Spreyton ginger beer.
  • Sale!
    To brighten up your winter we've decided to make a mid winter batch of our famous Christmas hams on the bone. Our previous batch of boneless hams were so popular and sold out really quickly. Being cooked on the bone this batch has even more flavour and can either be glazed or simply enjoyed sliced fresh. Our favourite way is to slice it fresh and have with some beautiful cultured butter and sour dough bread from Bread and Butter. Although you might be tempted to invite your family around and glaze it for Christmas in July.
  • Our chef Madjid has combined with our gardener Jacqui to impart the wonderful flavours and aromas of our garden into a cordial/syrup. The syrup that contains fresh lavender, thyme, rosemary, sage, lemon balm, bay, marjoram, nasturtium and calendula makes a scrumptious herbal tea. It can also add a delicious herbal note to sparkling water, martinis, cocktails, gins and spritzers. Includes a small pack of edible flowers. (300mls)    
  • Lasagne

    $14.00$35.00 Each
    The classic Italian winter dish made by our French chef Madjid, made with our free range pork and beef mince, home made tomato pasata  and a bechamel sauce. Comes in two sizes 800-900 grams  for a couple or a family size around 1.9 kg's. Just cook in the oven for around 30 minutes at 180 and you have the ultimate comfort food.
  • Our first batch of cider has proven to be a big hit and we're in the process of picking apples for our next batch. While we wait for our cider brother Mark to make our next batch, you can access his Lost Pippins highly popular wild cider. Using wild yeast fermented Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Fuji apples, Lost Pippin Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider is funky, full-bodied, well-carbonated off-dry cider from the Coal River north east of Hobart is a natural match for our smoked ham.
  • A diverse range of meat from the farm including our rare breed lamb, beef, pork and small goods. These boxes include prime cuts and slow cooking cuts, roasts, beef and pork mince along with all of the items in the smallgoods pack. Let us know if you have special requests or preferences.
  • A diverse range of meat from the farm including our grass fed free rare breed lamb, beef and free range pork. These boxes include prime cuts and slow cooking cuts, roasts, beef and pork mince and 1kg of artisan sausages.
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